A community for
design leaders.

Launching soon: we are currently
co-creating with our founders.
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Our Offering

We are current co-creating with our founding members;
our offering may change during this time.
Your network is your net-worth. Our aim is to help you build a network with like minded people and elevate your personal brand and presence as a leader.

Members will have the opportunity to connect via the community platform and quarterly networking events.
Our community works on Chatham House rules: full confidentiality, no judgement.

It provides a safe space to discuss hard topics, express your challenges and seek advice. In addition to this we have a no sales policy. You won't be sold to or asked to sell your business. We have a give and give back ethos.
Core Groups
Each member is assigned to a core group. We work closely with the chair of each core group to ensure we are placing people in groups with complementary skill sets. This will be your place to take your biggest challenges and get advice or celebrate your biggest wins. You'll meet once a month and have regular contact with your group via WhatsApp.
Working with the community, we will create monthly events together to share knowledge across the wider group. You will be enabled to both host and attend your own events.

Exclusively for the best

There is only room for 50.

We are looking for the
50 fiercest minds in design.

The best design leaders aren’t always in the spotlight. We want to gather the design leaders you haven’t heard of. The ones that are loved by their teams, to drive impact for our industry.

With that in mind, the only way in is via referral. Our community is capped at 50 to focus on quality over quantity.

opening soon.

Applications to the community will open soon. Register to stay updated with news about Fifty, including when applications for memberships will open.

Community Rules

50 is a small number and we want the community to be valuable for all members; our community rules help to ensure this.
Commit to the community
By joining the community you are committing to actively taking part in the community. This includes a commitment to attending your core group sessions monthly.

Everyone in Fifty must be engaged with and committed to each other.
Keep confidentially
Our community works on full confidentiality and no judgement.

We expect all our members to respect this and keep confidentiality between each other.
Support don’t sell
We have a no sales policy.

You won't be sold to or asked to sell your business.