Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct outlines the expectations and guidelines for all members of the Fifty. The purpose of this community is to foster collaboration, learning, and professional growth among design leaders. By participating in this community, you agree to adhere to the principles and guidelines set forth in this code of conduct.
Active Contribution
If you are not activity contributing to the community for a period of 3 months or more, you will be removed from the community. This is to ensure that we adhere our commitment to make sure that only active people are involved and to ensure that the community is valuable to all members.
Respect the confidentiality of any sensitive information shared within the community and refrain from sharing it outside the community.
No sales or commercial promotion
Members are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of sales or commercial promotion within the community. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising products, services, or events for personal gain or business purposes.
Constructive Collaboration
Encourage open and constructive discussions, debates, and critiques while maintaining a respectful tone. Provide feedback and suggestions in a constructive manner, focusing on the work and ideas rather than personal attacks. Be open to receiving feedback and consider it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.
Sharing and Learning:
Share your knowledge, insights, and experiences with the community to promote learning and professional development. Respect the intellectual property rights of others when sharing resources, articles, or any other form of content. Use appropriate and respectful language when providing feedback or asking questions.
Inclusive and Respectful Environment
Treat all community members with respect, empathy, and kindness. Be considerate of their perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. Avoid discriminatory or offensive language, behaviour, or content related to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or any other personal attribute. Foster an inclusive environment that encourages diversity and values the contributions of all members.
Community Safety
Report any violations of this code of conduct to the designated community moderators or administrators. Help maintain a safe and supportive environment by alerting the moderators to any behaviour that threatens the well-being or safety of community members. Do not engage in harassment, stalking, or any form of harmful behaviour within the community.
Professionalism and Integrity
Conduct yourself professionally and ethically at all times within the community. Acknowledge and respect the intellectual property rights of others. Give proper credit and attribution to the original creators of ideas, concepts, or work.
Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent removal from the community, at the discretion of the community moderators or administrators. The community moderators reserve the right to enforce this code of conduct and make decisions based on the best interests of the community as a whole.Remember, the Design Leadership Community relies on the active participation and contributions of its members to create a valuable and welcoming environment. By adhering to this code of conduct, we can collectively foster a supportive and inclusive community for all design leaders.